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Connecting Dots

Making Your Next Mooove, Your Best Mooove.

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Connecting Dots


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Imagine a world where you always knew exactly where the best events in your area were. There was no guesswork in finding the perfect event, because you're updated on exactly what is happening around you and where in real-time.

Connecting Dots


Sounds cool, but how does it ACTUALLY work?

Augmented Reality Messaging

Users open a camera that uses Augmented Reality technology to virtually connects them to people/places in their proximity. 

Find Local Events. Connect with Anyone in Real Time

We use a combination of geofencing, Google Maps, and Location Services to source local people/places used to connect people in real-time settings. Think of Moooves like a Virtual Wingman. 

Earn Cryptocurrency While

Using App 

Each interaction within Moooves allows users to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency that can be used for purchases such as clothing, app enhancements, or cashed out in real life through partnered exchanges.

How the App Works


Command Center

Users are able to use the command center in the top left of the screen to navigate the home screen, manage profiles, find people/events locally, and buy/sell products in the app's marketplace.



Scan Your Area

The home screen is used to scan local areas using an augmented reality camera to connect users to people/places locally for real time interactions.

Connecting Dots

Our Story


Moooves was created as a way to resolve common issues within the nightlife and live events sector. The goal of the company is to connect people, blending the digital and physical worlds and create a new type of economy within the social media experience.

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